Slope Stabilization

We have been working with this client for a few years to plant and stabilize a steep slope. Previous efforts to use Coir Logs had been somewhat successful. In one area Invasive worms had removed all the wood chips and mulch and left the Coir Logs exposed. Heavy rains and a hurricane further undermined the logs.

Roxborough Project

For several years Spruce Hollow has worked with the resident Property Management staff at a large private estate. In 2021the resident staff began a major installation process. The entire garden design was done by Phyto Studios, Thomas Rainer and Claudia West. Spruce Hollow owner, Christopher Sohnly, and staff, were trained by Phyto in the specifics of the design concept and unique installation requirements.

Federoff Back Yard Oasis

Small space garden installation with irrigation and maintenance in a Manayunk Backyard. In early 2018, client reached out to Spruce Hollow to eliminate grass in a 9’ x 23’ backyard. A design was created to use principally native plants, a small walkway, two trellises, and a small patio.

Elkins Park Path

Path installation Elkins Park

Client had an overgrown and uneven path next to their home. There have also been drainage issues with water comming into the house on this side.

First stop was clearing away an old fence above the path and removing overgrowth.

Chestnut Hill Patio

Client had a small, 8 feet by 8-foot area, that was unsightly grass and wanted something more attractive.

Design used Rainbow Bluestone pavers and bright plants to enhance the space. Drainage issues were also improved by removing clay soil and plastic lining under the soil.

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