Lieberman Transformation

We began working with The Liberman family in September of 2017. The front of their property was a large bed of English Ivy and they wanted something with color and life.
The first step was to peel back the ivy cover and remove the dense bed of vines. This was done on one long late summer day by Annemarie O’Brien and Christopher Sohnly. Then the beds were covered with black plastic and mulch for the winter.
In spring of 2018 the plastic was removed, mulch saved, and the area was weeded and raked out, ready for planting. The guiding concept from the client was a colorful, front garden, with a variety of plants, designed by Nicole Jackson and Christopher.
A feature tree, a Halesia carolina, Carolina silverbell, anchors the new design, complementing the two existing Japanese Maples. Steeds Hollys and Ivory Halo Dogwoods were added to border the design, with azaleas and roses by the front entrance. The planting was done with primarily native plants, a mix of classics like Purple Cone flower and Salvia, to colorful grasses like Purple Love Grass and Karl Forester. Low growing spring phlox, and Plumbago border the edge of the sidewalk.
Irrigation was installed to help maintain the design, and weeding and maintenance was done throughout the summer and fall. Ample rain and good weather aided the maturing of the planting and by Fall it was quite striking. We look forward to working with the Lieberman’s to continue to enhance the property.




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