Jenkintown Lawn Reduction / Permaculture Installation

Our client is in the Jenkintown area. Their property is 2+ acres. We have been working with them to reduce their carbon footprint, reduce lawn area and general maintenance. Client had a permaculture design created and asked Spruce Hollow to install it in Spring of 2021.

The heart of the plan is four large beds for a total of roughly 6000 sq ft of planting area. This reduced the active main front lawn by more than half!

  • The first step was to layout the beds according to the concept plan. Then the lawn was string trimmed to the soil level. Over the next two weeks the beds were string trimmed again to help kill the grass. Late summer.
  • Second step was to plant fruit trees and shrubs. Over twenty trees and shrubs were planted in the first installation including two sugar maples, three Pawpaw’s and three American persimmon.
  • Third step was to layout cardboard, which was then wetted to make it conform better. Woodchips were then spread to a depth of 3-4 inches over all. All trees and shrubs were then caged to prevent deer damage. Basic irrigation was also installed. Late fall 2022.

Additional trees and shrubs will be added to complete the plan as budgets and time allow.

Additional ecological enhancements on the property include reduced mowing areas, less mulch, allowing a back shady hillside to regrow as forest, and the addition of chickens!

Very exciting to begin a major project like this. Looking forward to how it develops in the coming years!

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