Spruce Hollow, LLC is a full-service landscape design company located in Mt. Airy, Philadelphia. We create and maintain native gardens from the ground up for our broad range of clientele while impacting the environment in a beneficial manner.  In Harmony With Nature

What We Do

Landscape Design

We create beautiful landscape designs that emphasize native plants and year around beauty. We design for residential, commercial and public spaces.


Our experienced team is well equipped to bring your landscape design to life and give your new garden the best start possible.


Our trusted team can handle all of your landscape maintenance needs. From seasonal garden bed clean-up to mulch - we'll keep your landscape looking great.

Problem Solving

Have a space you just don't know what to do with? With years of experience we are often able to turn a liability in a beautiful garden haven.

Container Gardens

You don't have to have a lot of space to create an inviting and attractive garden. Herbs, vegetables, fruits and flowers are all well suited.

Skilled Pruning

Want your trees and bushes to thrive? Strategic pruning by a skilled professional can make all the difference. Helping your plants stay healthy and attractive.

"What will it take to give our local animals what they need to survive and reproduce on our properties? Native plants - and lots of them. This is a scientific fact deduced from thousand of studies about how energy moves through food webs.
Dr. Doug Tallamy
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