Private Estate in Roxborough, PA

For several years Spruce Hollow has worked with the resident Property Management staff at a large private estate. In 2021the resident staff began a major installation process. The entire garden design was done by Phyto Studios, Thomas Rainer and Claudia West. Spruce Hollow owner, Christopher Sohnly, and staff, were trained by Phyto in the specifics of the design concept and unique installation requirements.

April 2021

Early stages of the process in April involved planting of shrubs and plugs throughout the property, under the direction of Phyto Studios.

September 2021

Two large rain gardens and a roof top meadow were laid out and planted over a five-day period.

Phyto Studios worked with Spruce Hollow and Refugia Design team members. Thousands of plugs were laid out and planted over the five-day period. Spruce Hollow is honored and delighted to be part of such a major native environmentally significant project.

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