Thriving Small Space Garden

Small space garden installation with irrigation and maintenance in a Manayunk Backyard.

In early 2018, client reached out to Spruce Hollow to eliminate grass in a 9’ x 23’ backyard. A design was created to use principally native plants, a small walkway, two trellises, and a small patio. Anchor plantings were a Cercis canadensis ‘Ace of Hearts’, Two Juniper shrubs and a Weigelia ‘Wine and Roses’. Grass was killed and the plantings were put in shortly thereafter. Design also included a pathway and irrigation throughout the entire garden.

By the fall of 2018, the garden matured wonderfully.


Maintenance has been done regularly since the install. The client, and the neighbors, enjoy the garden very much. It has actually become necessary to edit some of the plants, and this year, 2021, we had to prune up the tree!

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