Spruce Hollow Design & Maintenance Services

  • Planting design with a focus on native plantings
  • Garden Bed Creation
  • Small hardscaping projects
  • Container gardens
  • Small city spaces
  • Weeding, Edging & Mulching
  • Skilled Pruning & Trimming
  • Garden Coaching
  • Invasive removal
  • Small tree & Shrub removal
  • Develop long-term Landscape Maintenance Plan with client
  • Scheduled or on request garden maintenance
  • Low Impact Leaf Management
  • Staging for Sale
Spruce Hollow Projects

Jenkintown Lawn Reduction / Permaculture Installation

Our client is in the Jenkintown area. Their property is 2+ acres. We have been working with them to reduce their carbon footprint, reduce lawn area, and general maintenance. The client had a permaculture design created and asked Spruce Hollow to install it in the Spring of 2021.

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Slope Stabilization

We have been working with this client for a few years to plant and stabilize a steep slope. Previous efforts to use Coir Logs had been somewhat successful. In one area Invasive worms had removed all the wood chips and mulch and left the Coir Logs exposed. Heavy rains and a hurricane further undermined the logs.

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Roxborough Project

For several years Spruce Hollow has worked with the resident Property Management staff at a large private estate. In 2021the resident staff began a major installation process. The entire garden design was done by Phyto Studios, Thomas Rainer and Claudia West. Spruce Hollow owner, Christopher Sohnly, and staff, were trained by Phyto in the specifics of the design concept and unique installation requirements.

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