Reducing Lawn adding Diversity

Reducing lawn over a two-year period, we helped this client realize their dream of a native plant oasis. 

The clients bought their home in Fall 2021 in Glenside, PA. We began planning a front yard garden. In Spring of 2022 we removed 450 sq. ft. of lawn and created native plant border planting. The client, and the neighbors, were so thrilled with the result we started planning the next garden.

The central garden was designed to remove as much lawn as possible, while leaving a mowable frame around the planting. Removing another 400 sq. ft. of lawn, we then planted a variety of grasses and native herbaceous plants. In addition to these new beds, we also helped the client renovate and add to all the beds around the house both front and back.

Now, two years in, the beds look amazing and we continue to work with the client on adding more native diversity to this native plant oasis.

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