Slope Stabilization

We have been working with this client for a few years to plant and stabilize a steep slope.

Previous efforts to use Coir Logs had been somewhat successful. In one area Invasive worms had removed all the wood chips and mulch and left the Coir Logs exposed.

Heavy rains and a hurricane further undermined the logs.

Once the Super Silt fence (first photo) at the top of the slope was removed, the slope could be reworked.

A method of log cribbing was implemented one layer at a time as the coir logs were removed. Base logs, 8” – 10” in diameter were trenched in and then additional layers are added with erosion matting laid underneath. A layer of soil was then spread to cover all matting and gaps.

Usually, logs are drilled and anchored with rebar but the client wanted no metal used, so wooden stakes were used to anchor the logs. Once everything was in place additional soil was spread and the extra stake material cut off.

The area will be replanted in Spring.

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